Camps Bay History in Photos

Are you thinking of booking a holiday villa in Camps Bay? How about learning a little bit more about the history of Camps Bay through the last 150 years?

Incorporated into the City of Cape Town  in 1930, this trendy residential area was very different before.

Lets take a trip down memory lane

Once upon a time in Camps Bay …


camps bay before the days of the pavilion

(Source Flickr | HiltonT | Cape Town history in photo)

In the 1650s, the hinterland of Camps Bay was covered with forests and the coastline was home to lions, leopards and antelopes. Indeed, Camps Bay remained undeveloped for most of the nineteenth century.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the Bay is a space for leisure. As you can see from the photo below, in 1905, building sandcastles was very popular with children. An activity that continued over the years …

camps bay beach sand modelling

(Source Flickr | HiltonT | Cape Town history in photo)

The road from Sea Point to Camps Bay was completed in 1887 and took the name of  Victoria Road that you can see in the picture below (1903).

Victoria Road Camps Bay 1903

(Source Flickr | HiltonT | Cape Town history in photo)

In 1901 the tram starts operating, thus linking Cape Town, Sea Point and Camps Bay.

tram at the camps bay terminus

(Source Flickr | HiltonT | Cape Town history in photo)

In 1913, Camps Bay was incorporated in Cape Town (City of Greater Cape Town) but it is mainly a leisure area and not a residential area.Here’s a picture of people taking a picnic on the lawns of Maiden Cove in 1920.

camps bay picknickers

(Source Flickr | HiltonT | Cape Town history in photo)

Camps Bay really gets started in 1930. Indeed, although the tram stop working, roads were built and developers bought and sold land.

camps bay and lions head

(Source Flickr | HiltonT | Cape Town history in photo)

The photo above dates from 1946 and represents the views of Lion’s Head from Camps Bay beach.

The photo below shows the beach of Camps Bay, already an iconic place, and Clifton in 1946.

clifton and camps bay

(Source Flickr | HiltonT | Cape Town history in photo)

Years pass and color comes .. The photo below shows Camps Bay in 1989.

camps bay 1989

(Source Flickr | HiltonT | Cape Town history in photo)

Camps Bay today

Camps Bay has developed well and now hosts the most prestigious properties in the Cape.

camps bay today

(Source Flickr | Doga Ulas)

In addition to being a dream destination, Camps Bay is also an ideal place to admire the gorgeous sunsets overlooking the ocean.
So take your cameras to capture an idyllic and perfect holiday. And who knows, maybe in a hundred years one of your photos will appear as an archive to illustrate how beautiful Camps Bay was in 2014 …

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