Top 5 Family Villas for your Accommodation in Camps Bay

Stuck wondering where you can take your family this December for a memorable but safe Holiday? Here in Camps Bay we offer the best of Family friendly Accommodation in Cape Town with the greatest features available. Our Villas range from small families gatherings where its just you, your loving partner and the two kids, to full monumental family excursions where the aunt, uncle and multitudes of cousins decide to tag along as well. To book that perfect family holiday, view our top 5 best Family Villas in Camps Bay.

Palm Tree House Family Accommodation in Camps Bay

Fancy a fun getaway with your significant other and the kids? Then Palm Tree house is the perfect accommodation for your needs. Containing three stunning bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, this family Villa features breathtaking Atlantic Sea views and a large flat screen TV, as well as being only 5 minutes away from the iconic Camps Bay beach. This Villa is be the ideal home setting for entertaining your family for hours on end.

Seredipity Villa Family Accommodation in Camps Bay    

“The accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it” – the definition of Serendipity. And that’s what you’ll be feeling as you come across the beautiful family Villa that contains 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms to help you house you and your family. Ideally located so that the City or Camps Bay is a mere 10 minutes drive away, you’ll always remember that time you “accidentally” had the best family vacation of your life.

Msangasanga Villa Family Accommodation in Camps Bay

Picture it; you lying there sipping a delicious cocktail with your loving partner while your children run laughing around the sparkling pool, the Lions head providing a gorgeous view for you to admire… this is all possible within the Msangasanga Villa located with the Camps Bay idyllic Atlantic Seas viewpoint, 5 mins away from the beach and other restaurants and cafes. This Villa Accommodation includes temperature control for the rooms, as well as 24 hour security and private parking, and to put the cherry on the cake; a live in House keeper that comes around 5 times a week, so you don’t have to lift a finger on your family vacation.

Cape Blue Villa Family Accommodation in Camps Bay  

For a new and trendily designed family villa within the Camps Bay area, look no further than the Cape Blue Villa. Containing 4 bedrooms each with their own en-suite bathroom, this home contains all the features you would need for a relaxing family holiday. Has accessories such as a large plasma DSTV and all channels available as well as unlimited WiFi  for endless hours of family entertainment.

Merridew Villa Family Accommodation in Camps Bay  

Centrally located within Camps Bay, Merridew Villa is perfect for large family and/or group of friends, with its 6 bedrooms and spacious living room area with a cavernous Dining hall, its a lost paradise found for anyone wanting to get away from it all. Supplying you with a marvelous sea view, 24 hour security and parking, this is a family opportunity not to be missed in any lifetime!    

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